Workspace Rental

If you are looking for a workspace but don’t need an office, maybe a hot desk is what you require. The Innovation Centre’s Workspace Rental provides you with the opportunity to share a room with fellow professionals without the associated overheads of an office space.

Not only is there scope for networking, but renting a hot desk is another flexible option that allows you to benefit from the perks of The Innovation Centre without the cost and solitude of going it alone. Each space has more than enough room for any office furniture you may need; most tenants customise their workspaces with bookshelves, desks and chest of drawers.

Workspace tenants have free access to the centre’s high speed Wi-Fi facilities.

This may be a short-term option for you, if a dedicated office space is a future goal. Becoming a tenant at The Innovation Centre in any capacity is going to be one of the smartest decisions your business has ever made.